Carty Funeral Homes: Here at Your Side

At Your Time of Loss

We will take care of the necessary formalities for you, answer all of your questions regarding funeral services, and handle the organization of the entire process for you.


****Corona Virus Protocol Are Being Implemented At Our Facilities Based Upon C.D.C. and the Governor's Guidelines.  

For you and your family's safety, only the closest of immediate family is permitted to gather for services. Per our governor's instruction, we are adhering to private gatherings and burials.  Other family and friends may call our local telephone number (606)832-2191 and we will put your name in your loved one's memorial book.  Thank you for your understanding through these challenging times.  We are all trying to do the best that we can during this outbreak of covid-19.  We are taking your health seriously. Anyone with fever, chills or other flu-like symptoms, please do not place others at risk by being in a private arrangements conference or a private family funeral gathering.  A family may utilize FaceTime or other social media platforms to include other family and friends during service.  NO MORE THAN 10 TOTAL PERSONS MAY BE ADMITTED IN OUR FACILITIES AT ONE TIME. 


The death of a loved one often comes as a shock, usually much too soon. In these difficult times we will stand by your side with reliable and solemn support to handle the arrangements of funeral and burial services, and all other services associated with the death of a loved one. We are someone you can rely on to coordinate the funeral arrangements and offer support during your time of loss. We will be there to help you when you need us with understanding and sympathy for your difficult situation.


Our many years of experience have increased our awareness of people's needs. We know what must be done when a loved one dies and will support you in all of the decisions that need to be made - with clarity, commitment and professionalism.

We will be at your side with:

  • Honest and personalized attention
  • Professional and discreet handling of legal and church-related issues
  • Sensitive and personal support 


We will make sure you have enough time to mourn your loss and will support you in any way possible - whenever you need it. Please let us know what we can do for you.


Pre-arranged Funerals

Carty Funeral Homes will advise and help you plan a reasonable, individual pre-arranged funeral service.


About Us

In commitment to the many years of tradition at Carty Funeral Homes, we view our work not as an occupation, but as a calling.