Paying Final Respects with Dignity

At Carty Funeral Homes we arrange different types of funerals to meet individual needs. While the main focus should be the wishes of the deceased, the feelings of the immediate family should also be considered. Sometimes, people make statements concerning their death, that might not be made seriously, or make requests that might not be feasible to accomodate or may not be legal.  If the deceased did not express any clear wish while he or she was alive, we recommend that the relatives and other loved ones ask themselves the following questions when choosing the type of funeral:

  • What type of funeral would fit the life and personality of the deceased?
  • What effects will it have on how the loved ones will deal with their grief and their memories of the deceased?


We will meet with you personally to discuss these concerns.


On the following pages you will find more detailed information about the individual types of services normally offered:


Traditional Funeral Servicesl

Cremation Options


Within each category, numerous options are available.


What is referred to as traditional funeral services are what most people are familiar with.  A traditional funeral service usually involves a period of visitation and a service, with the body present and contained within a casket.  It is referred to as "traditional" because this type of arrangement has been the most common type of services used by families for many generations.  The visitation and funeral service allow for the gathering of familiy and friends to visit and comfort each other, while usually allowing for viewing of the deceased and an opportunity to psychologically say "good bye" to that person.  While the traditional funeral may be very emotional for many, it has been proven that this type of service has very great theraputic value for many people.  The normal traditional funeral is usually concluded with ground burial or placement of the casket within a mausoleum.